Since 2014, our mission has been to educate our community and conserve our history.


Past Projects

2016 Player Piano Repairs

The family room’s player piano sat for decades, inoperable. After a significant overhaul, the Barnes is once again filled with the soft sounds of music from this technological wonder.    This piano is a must see (and hear) during tours!

2015 Rose Arbor Restoration

The white stone paths at the Barnes are a century-old feature of the property, and are now adorned with fresh, sturdy rose arbors up which flowers may climb. Please treat the grounds like a micro-park, come anytime and enjoy!

2014 Garden Restoration

There are numerous pictures of the the Barnes family enjoying their garden. We fundraise to maintain the garden’s original features, improve usability for present needs, and to revive long-lost attributes relegated to history. 



Our Team

Chris Iverson

Chris joined the Friends after completing his Eagle Scout project at the Barnes in 2015, and has been President since 2022.

Brenda Wooding

Brenda led the Friends as President from 2014 to 2022 and has been Vice President since 2022.

Barbara Aszklar

Barbara started as a volunteer at the Barnes' holiday open house in 2014 and has been Treasurer since 2020.